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"Life is a series of perilous journeys.. then you die."

I cannot tell you the countless times I have heard this phrase during my lifetime, but I can tell that the author of this simple Slogan did not have me in mind when it was composed. I can also tell you that, what is meant to be a simple and witty axiom has not shown to ring true in this journey, this excursion, this passage I will henceforth call my life. I am truly ALIVE and fighting desperately to remain a member of the living world. Yes, life can be an unforgiving and perilous journey, yet the rewards of its passages are bountiful. I have wonderful people in my life who see that all my basic needs are met. There is a joy deep in my heart that sings triumphantly and no one can take it away.”
~Debra D. Griffin  

Born number nine of ten children to Reverend and Mrs. Jesse E Mitchell, Debra was very shy and unable to speak her mind. It wasn't until she was forty-five years old and had taken a series of Photography classes that she found her voice. Always wanting to write a book due to her great love of poetry, the desire heightened after she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  

“You see, I was asked to keep a journal. This, I believe, was an exercise to soothe my mind and heart while going through the process. But what it ended up being is a reflection of my salvation.”  

Having a great love of family and friends, Debra spends a lot of her time celebrating life. This is not a frivolous thing as she is currently convalescing from a battle with Stage four Breast Cancer and Breast Reconstruction.  

“Honestly, it has been a pleasure, even under this set of circumstances, to render to you the words which speak so vehemently in my heart. To be able to have a window of opportunity and to do what you love most is a blessing granted by God under any circumstance. I hope that you enjoy this brief glimpse into my life and I ask that you please pray that the Lord continues to bless both my family and me.”

~Debra D. Griffin

A Journey to Wellness: A Series of Collective Thoughts

A Journey to Wellness: A Series of Collective Thoughts begins in a space in time between the death of one husband and the marriage to the second. This is the starting point where author Debra D. Griffin last felt whole before beginning her journey to survive the ravages of Breast Cancer.

Between the covers of this inspirational story is one amazing woman’s strong will to survive. These are the actual entries from the journal that the author kept between surgeries, between tears and pain, between chemo sessions, between prayers and during reflections on her life’s phenomenal journey.

As author Debra D. Griffin reflects on her daughters, on loneliness, and on the false sense of security that she felt when she wed her second husband, readers are taken on a voyage of her self-discovery. There are no dates in the text as this rendering is solely to document her thoughts during the process and not to keep time on how long the process took.

The book documents the process in vivid detail from hair loss due to chemo therapy to the devastating blow of implant failure, as well as liver and brain cancer metastasis. The photo journal of meaningful pictures were taken by her own talented photographer’s hands, visually documenting her struggles and successes.

A Journey to Wellness: A Series of Collective Thoughts shares how faith, smiles, music, friends, family and an entire community stepped up to the plate to assist Debra D. Griffin and what it meant to her: Life!!!

Book Reviews...

A Journey To Wellness is far more than just a story, it is a testament to the awesome strength that one woman has and might very well be the same strength we all possess, providing we can learn how to tap into it. Debra bares her soul in the most amazing way during a situation where most would shun publicity. She chronicles her battle with death and also shares her incredible skills as a photographer to show the people that were at her side when she needed them the most. Few will know how to answer what they would do if they knew today was the last day of their lives, but Debra takes on death, the loss of her breast and continues on fighting and also sharing her story so that all people can realize that where there is hope, victory is always possible. I have to admit, tears came to my eyes, when she spoke of the children that bathed her when she wasn't strong enough to bathe herself. But I also know, that a woman that can go .. hearing the ominous words, CANCER, and still find the strength not only to survive it, but to share her journey, is truly a very special soul. I've had the good fortune of speaking with the author of A Journey To Wellness, and she is as vibrant and intelligent and caring, as you would want any one to be. Perhaps I might one day meet her in person as well. Sometimes people are impressed that I have been to two actual wars... I will admit, I am glad to be alive... But this woman was diagnosed with cancer... And given a death sentence... And her response to that was... I think, I will live... There's not a warrior born that can't respect that... Buy "A Journey To Wellness"... Learning of this woman's strength in the face of the most awesome of adversities that any of us will face... Will no doubt, help you to tap into, your own...

Posted by: Chase von -- tlp Author "The Last Panther"


Ms. Griffin chronicles her defiant and courageous struggle with breast cancer from the very depths of her being. Her feelings and emotions grab you and unmistakeably creep into your soul. One cannot help but feel her strength and character as it shines through in the pieces, *'My Hair, My Nails'* and *'Remission'*. As if her words were not enough, her pictures draw you even more deeply into the very muck of her battle, as she shares images of the scars and physical reality that this disease has left upon her body. Her very life is testimony to others who are suffering, and have suffered, through the ravages of this killer... she stands the VICTOR! And I continue to stand with her - in awe and admiration..."

Posted by: RM Green, author of "THE PASSION WITHIN"

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