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About me...

I am a photographer trained both in fine arts and commercial photography. I also love writing poetry and have managed to keep a journal, which will be published later this year. What a wonder that God has blessed me with the ability to pull what I love together with a purpose during this time.

I have a great love of family and friends. I spend a lot of my time celebrating life. Believe me this is not a frivolous thing as I am currently convalescing from a battle with stage 4-breast cancer. Life can be an unforgiving and perilous journey yet the rewards of its passage are bountiful. I have wonderful people in my life who see that all my basic needs are met. There is a joy deep in my heart that sings triumphantly and no one can take it away.

My children have provided me with a placed where I can do all the things I love.

Read my new book... more here.

The Mexican Riviera ...

I am in love with Jazz and Photography. Seriously, I loose my mind to them!! Recently I went on the Jazz Cruise 2006 touring the Mexican Riviera aboard the Oosterdam. This is amazing, because I was afraid of the ocean. I was afraid the idea of being on all that water. Funny thing is, once I crossed the gangway "IT WAS ON." I had a blast and I still haven't figured out how all those tons float. "Go figure." I simply had no time for worrying since Jazz was waiting on me. All THAT JAZZ and all I had to do was get aboard. Life is good.

During the cruise I met and photographed several artist. Imagine, imagine if you will, listening to your favorite sounds and then having opportunity to visit for awhile and shoot them too!!

I Have been collecting Jazz for sometime now. Since 1973, when I heard one of Miles Davis renderings off his BITCHES BREW album. I was hooked and my choice in music was never the same. For that matter, neither was I.

Exposed to the "Greats" ...

So much of my life has been centered around Jazz. As a young woman I was exposed to the "Greats." Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Ma Rainey, Dizzy Gillispie, George Duke and Billie Holiday to name a few. In fact, Jazz has represented many things in my life. Romance to the tune of Billie Holiday or Carmen McRae, a little R&R to Jon Lucien or Al Jarreau, or just to set the tone for a badly needed weekend to the sounds of Spyro Gyra or West Mongomery. Hey, like I said before, life is good and God's Blessings are abundant in my life.

Phyllis Hyman, I love her music and I never had the opportunity to photograph her. Minnie Riperton for the same reasons, plus the fact her life prematurely ended due to a battle with breast cancer is an issue that is close to my heart.

Although I have spent a few moments here and there with Wycliffe Gordon, this is a young man I would love to spend some time with photographing his talents. He is a very calm and patient man. I did however, get the opportunity to watch him play with his children. He is a lovely father and a brilliant musician. Here is one of my favorite photos of Wycliffe in action.

For you information and action (if you want to)...

I am a Professional Photographer.. I love Jazz.. you will see my interest in music reflected in all the web sites and blogs I use to present my work and passions.

You can purchase prints of any of the images you see in the galleries on this web site or shown at MySpace Blog. You can also purchase online at my site on Deviant Art.

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